A short history

Our story began more than 200 years ago, when Lieven Bauwens imported the mechanical weaving loom “Mule Jenny” in 1789, from England to the city of Ghent located in Belgium.

Over the next 130 years, proliferation and several mergers of textile factories in the area of Ghent led to the foundation of the textile group Union Cotonnière (UCO) in 1919.

In 1974 UCO starts up a new revolutionary continuous indigo dyeing on a slasher machine and starts weaving indigo denim. This new dyeing process, developed by UCO, will gradually replace the American rope dyeing process.

In 1980 only six years later, UCO continues pioneering and introduces the first in the history of denim, the slasher dyed ‘colour’ denim, in a wide range of colours.

In 1999 UCO buys a denim plant in Rockingham, USA. Driven by innovation and the long experience of the Belgian denim mill, UCO contributes to the rise of many famous LA denim brands.

In 2005 UCO opens a new denim plant in Romania under the name UCO Tesatura.

In 2006 UCO extends its horizon to the Far East and merges in a 50/50 Joint Venture with Raymond in India to create a global denim powerhouse called UCO Raymond. Today, UCO Raymond produces more than 50 million meters per annum.

Till today UCO’s European foundation continues its denim journey with the Romanian denim plant UCO Tesatura.