UCO is a pioneer in denim, producing fashion denim in Europe since 1919. UCO invented the process of yarn-dyed colour denim, developed the leather look coating that became a landmark and launched the first DualFX qualities in 2002.

In 2017 UCO launched its Uco@work collection, mixing the traditional denim aspects with the technical requirements of workwear denim. Our Uco@work collection consists of 3 product levels.

UCO PROTECT offers denim qualities with an authentic fashionable look, that meet the highest workwear requirements. Our flame retardant anti-static qualities are unique since no finish is applied to reach these properties. Incorporating Protal fibres in the composition we obtain flame retardant anti-static properties that last for the lifetime of the fabric and still meeting ISO 11611 and ISO 11612. UCO PROTECT also offers high visibility denim fabric.

UCO PERFORMANCE@WORK brings the authentic denim look with extra performance characteristics. This collection contains denim qualities with unique fibres such as CORDURA®, COOLMAX®, THERMOLITE® and qualities with water-repellent finishes. The main part of this collection is made out of “Stay Blue” indigo, a unique concept of traditional indigo dyeing which has excellent fastness to over 50 washes, with negligible colour change.

UCO DENIM@WORK contains traditional denim qualities with improved rub fastness and wash resistance, ideal for fashion collections in corporate wear and/or kitchen apparel.

We are very proud of our Uco@work collection and are eager to show it to you. We would like to invite you to discover our collection during the Munich Fabric Start fair on January 30 and 31st  in the Zenith Halle, Munich (Blue Zone H7/B11). We can also come and present our collection at your place. If you are interested to discover some of our unique products, please contact Umasankar for further details at umasankar@ucotesatura.ro or on mobile +40-741-035447.

We are looking forward to sharing our Uco@work collection with you.